Monthly Archives: January 2005


It may only be January, but it’s time to think about racing. I just sent in my entry for a 7-week time trial series (10 miles) that starts in April. This event is so popular that you have to send in the form on the first day registrations are accepted to have any real hope of getting in. There are 440 slots available, and they go quick! We had a teammate with excellent organizational skills that took it upon himself to collect our entries and $, and send them all in together. Well done, Michael! That means we’ll have around 30 riders starting in a contiguous block at 20 second intervals. Should be quite a sight!

Maybe we can sneak in a little team time trial on the backside of the course…

Happy Birthday to Liz!

What can I say, better with each passing year (like fine wine, so I’m told).

This year I got Liz a pink iPod mini for her birthday. She’s usually not too gadgetically (nice word) inclined, but I think she’ll really like this once we get it up and running. It’ll be good for taking on walks and for playing through the stereo in the van on longer trips.

I’ve known Liz for 14 years, 1 month, and 13 days. I put my math cap on. In 8 more years, we’ll reach a point of convergence and I will have known her for longer than not. I still remember the day I first saw her, looking F-I-N-E in that tucked-in green and white striped shirt and jeans. She was super nice when we were introduced (at work, it was my first day). Busy – there were a hundred different things going on that were competing for her attention, but nice. I was immediately intimidated. Little did she know she was meeting her future husband! Wow, life sure is crazy like that. It’s been a true pleasure spending the years with her. Sign me up for another…

Happy Birthday, Honey.

Joined a team

I recently joined a cycling team to race with this year. The name of the team is S.E.A.R. (South East Area Riders – or Racers, haven’t quite figured that out yet). Anyway, the size of the club is approaching 100 members so it is quite strong and well established. It dwarfs any other organization I’ve trained and raced with. They’ve had as many as 60 people show up for a group ride – in the winter. Granted, it was a nice day…

Within the group, there’s around 20 CAT4 racers, and another 30 that are in the CAT4/35+ classification. Then we have a sprinkling of CAT3 and master’s racers, as well as some women’s 3’s and 4’s. If numbers mean anything, we should definitely be a factor in the races this year.

Our title sponsor is D.R. Horton (specifically the Continental Series) – they build very nice homes in Colorado.

Sadly, new homes for team members wasn’t on offer this year. Maybe when one of us beats Lance in the Tour… Kidding aside, it’s cool to have such a big name backing our team and seeing their commercials on TV. Hopefully, we can get them good exposure and results in the races.