2016 Year End Stats

It was a good year on the running front, at least from a consistency point of view.  I topped last year’s mileage PR with another one and logged 3,113 miles.  I really didn’t chase that number too hard.  December was only 226 miles which was my lowest monthly total for the entire year.  So no big last minute push this time like some other years.

I’m very happy to have been so consistent, motivated, and free of major setbacks.  Other than a few down weeks in the spring to heal an IT band, and a few other niggles of varying degree, this year has been the healthiest one of all so far.

Due to my work and family schedule I end up running a TON of doubles.  Usually a few easy miles on the treadmill before work, then something longer and/or more intense at lunch.  It’s not ideal, but I found a way to make it work.  I ended up with 440 runs total.

Here are the numbers:




I made a focused attempt to get on the bike regularly during part of the year, but largely ignored it the rest of the time.  I really really really need to change that.

Even though I set a mileage PR, 2016 was an off year in many ways.  I only took part in 3 races (one win, one DNF, one meh) – and the last one was in May.  I didn’t photograph any events, and hardly got the camera out at all.

While it still wasn’t a lot, I did manage to run with friends far more than any other year.  That was most excellent and I want to continue that trend.

I ended the year with one of those runs as I joined Woody for part of his quest to log 70 summits of Mount Morrison in 2016 with a massive 7 summit push today.  While it was tempting to skip that 4:45 alarm, I’m sure glad I didn’t.  I would have missed a great sunrise and lots of inspiration seeing a friend get after a goal.  It was the perfect ending to my running year.


Here’s to more miles, more races, and more faces in 2017!


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  1. Wait, blogs still exist? Well done Chris. All the best in 2017!

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