2011 Training Log – Week 42

Roller coaster week, highs and lows.  A lot less running than I had planned, but that’s just fine.  I’m still somewhat in recovery mode from Slickrock and there’s no need to push anything.  I’m not sore or anything, but I can tell from the pattern of having really good runs followed by really bad ones that I am not truly recovered yet.  Bighorn and Leadville were both around 3-4 days, but it looks like Slickrock will take 3-4 weeks.  Definitely took more out of me.

Bike – 28 miles

Did a steady 20 mile effort. Working, but not killing it. Averaged 21.9mph which wasn’t bad for only my second road ride since June. Couldn’t quite push hard enough through the wind to get 22.

Run – 7.3 miles

Two laps at Hildebrand. Amazing run. Felt strong. It was raining, and starting to get muddy. My hands were frozen, but my legs could do no wrong. I had the feeling like when I travel on business and leave my trusty (but gutless) Honda Fit behind and happen into something like a Dodge Charger at the rental counter. Just a little press of the gas pedal and the power is there.

Run – 5.4 miles

Running with a heavy heart is tough. Got the sad news last night of little Emma’s passing. Today was cold and snowy, first snow run of the year. Just wasn’t into it. Turned back early, did a bit of walking, tried not to let my eyeballs freeze when they would get a little damp with the thoughts. A special little girl that will be missed. We are better for having had her in our lives.


No run. Cold day, a lot on my plate at work, and was in a dark place mentally. Got a late-evening call from Emma’s mom, asking if she could use some of what I wrote for the obituary. Of course there was no need for her to ask, but I was incredibly humbled that she took the time to do so and it was so nice to talk with her for a few minutes.

Run – 7 miles

Nice cleansing run on a beautiful day. Steady from start to finish.

Run – 5.5 miles

Easy 5.5 at dusk with Malcolm. His first run in a week after being slammed with strep throat. Beautiful sunset running through Chatfield, good to get out with him again.


Buried with homework of all things (taking a Java programming class). Hard to teach this old man new tricks. I am really good at shell scripting, but this Object Oriented stuff hurts my brain. No run.

Total: 5:26 – bike 28 miles / 1:29, run 25 miles / 3:57

Pic of the week – I wonder what these guys did for Halloween?

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