2011 Training Log – Week 41

Spent the week in Utah for fall break, visiting with family and eating like a pig.  The weather was spectacular and we had a great time.

Very little in the way of running, but that was just fine as I haven’t taken a good recovery period all year.  The two weeks after running the Slickrock 100 have been very mellow.  For some reason, my climbing legs really felt ‘on’ this week.  Not in a sense of being fast, but more like a gear down and just keep on going kind of thing.  I like it!

Next race is two weeks away, in Moab.  I’m pacing my son through his first marathon and am super happy to get to go out there again and do that with him.

Run – 4.3 miles

Felt like 8.

Run – 6 miles

Cool run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The run was short but we worked the climbs. Legs felt good. Also ran up the short but very steep Round Peak. The trail was like a ditch filled with rocks.

Run – 4.3 miles

Easy cruise around the park.


Spent my birthday hanging out and having fun with family.

Run – 11.3 miles

Really good run across the BST with Malcolm. We ran all the climbs and kept a good steady pace.  The trail itself isn’t anything to write home about, but the views of the valley are super and the many shorter climbs are a great workout.




No run, but signed us up to run the Moab Trail Marathon in two weeks.  It’ll be Malcolm’s first marathon and I’m excited for the chance to run it with him.  He hasn’t been doing any real long runs, but is very fit after XC season.  We’ll keep it nice and steady and enjoy the day in the canyons.

25 miles / 4:47

Pic of the week – go to the light!

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