2011 Training Log – Week 38

Sucky week.  Bound to happen after being on a roll for the last few.  I came down sick last Saturday night and was pretty miserable for several days.  No sleep, taking medicine, still working and running.  Got in all the miles, trying something a little different going into the Slickrock 100 in a week.  I had a down week after Leadville, then got back after it.  Since then I have held four weeks in a row over 70 miles.  Certainly nothing extreme, but it felt like that was the sweet spot for now.  Rather than back off this week, I stayed at that volume.  We’ll see how that plays out, but I seem to feel better if I keep the legs working a bit rather than easing up.

Run – 10.3 miles
Sick. Ran anyway. Sucked.

Run – 10.3 miles
Hilly route.  Ran hard on the ups (14 of them), and cruised the rest.  Breathing like I smoke 3 packs a day.

Run – 6 miles
Easy jog at the track in the dark while waiting for the kiddos.

Run – 4 miles
Easy run.

Run – 10.3 miles
Finally feeling a tiny bit better. Good cruiser run @ 7:55 pace. Average heart rate was 151, about 6-8 beats too high. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s noticeable. It’ll drop back down once I’m all the way better.

Run – 7 miles
Easy jog.

Run – 3.1
A bit of jogging around during the XC meet.

Run – 17 miles
This run went by really fast. Didn’t feel awesome, but not bad. Time to start thinking about a taper for Slickrock…

Run – 3 miles

Easy treadmill.

Total: 10:56
Run 71 miles

Pic of the week:

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