2011 Training Log – Week 37

Another good week.  Except for coming down with a cold today…  Feeling strong on the run.  Got in two 20 milers this week, plus a lighter speed session.  Looking for more of the same for this week if I can kick the sickness.

This week marks my 5th anniversary of running.  I checked my training log and it looks  like I put in 9 miles for the week, with the first run being 2.1 in 22 minutes.

Run – 21 miles
Long evening run on the East/West Trail. Tired from getting up at 4am Denver time to get home from Chicago.

Run – 6 miles
Horrible run. Very tired and sluggish. Knew I’d feel better the next day if I did something, though.

Run – 10.3 miles
Good one. Didn’t hold back, and didn’t push. Just let the legs do what they wanted to.

Run – 7.8 miles
Lightweight speed session. Knew I was too worked over from the weekend for the full deal, so just did 4 x 800m.

Run – 21 miles
Same run as Monday, 5 minutes faster. Longest run to date in the Trail Gloves. Legs felt pretty strong on this one.

Run – 6.1 miles
Easy cruise up into the state park and back. Felt much better than I thought I would after last night’s long run.

Sick 😦

Total: 11:15
Run 72.2 miles

Pic of the week:

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  1. Nice pic. Way to come back after a big week last week with the 5k PB.

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