2011 Training Log – Week 34

I had great intentions of really getting after it this week, but a combination of not feeling well plus needing to help take care of my sick daughter derailed the second half of the week training-wise. Not a big deal. Running is easily forgotten and set aside when one of your kids needs you.

The highlight of the week was getting to see my son and daughter run in their first meet of the Cross Country season. So proud of them for working hard at all of their practices, keeping up with good grades, and being great kids in general. I would have been too chicken/self-conscious to compete like they are at that age, but thankfully they didn’t inherit my limitations in that regard.

Run – 10.2
Took about 3 miles to loosen up, then rolled nicely at mid 7 pace for about 5 miles before slowing for the last 2.

Run – 8

Run – 3
Felt good. Hydrated a bunch this afternoon. Kept it slow.

Run – 7

Bike – 14.5
Got in a good evening/night ride in the Highlands Ranch Backcountry while waiting to pick up my kids. Felt good. Celebrated the noticeable lack of heel pain when hitting the jumps. My achilles tendons used to scream on the liftoffs and landings. Not even a whimper tonight. First time in 2.5 years…


Run – 10.2 miles

Accumulated some miles running around the course at the kid’s cross country meet shooting photos and also doing a couple of miles in between races. So proud of the kids. They aren’t the speediest in the bunch (just like dad), but work really hard and have fun. It was a huge meet and a challenging course with two stream crossings thrown in.

Run – 3 miles
Just a short jog while waiting to pick up my daughter.


Total: 7:52
Run 41.8 miles / 6:35
Bike 14.6 miles / 1:16

Pic of the week:

Speed Dial #2

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