2011 Training Log – Week 26

I’m hungry.

For the first time in almost a year, I am both literally and figuratively hungry.  I haven’t let myself get hungry for a long time.  I’m liking the feeling.  Every time my stomach rumbles a little bit, it reminds me I’m coming back.  My injuries are all doing pretty well, not perfect, but no excuses now.  Time to get to work and stop using them as a crutch.

Super week. Finally feel like I am really in training mode for the first time all year. Seem to have bounced back from Big Horn pretty well after taking it easy for one week, and have stepped things up a notch. Getting lots of runs in the heat, some climbing, hiking with a pack, time on the bike, a little bit of everything. Have also improved my eating habits 1000%. No more breakfast burritos, ice cream, soda, candy bars. Scale doesn’t show it yet, but I feel things tightening up. Game on.

Activity Run Miles 7 Time :54 Avg HR 157
Locked on to a good cruising pace and held it there. Felt good to get out of jog mode for once.
Activity Run Miles 4 Time :38 Avg HR
Easy jog to return some books to the library.
Activity Run Miles 2 Time :28 Avg HR
Don’t normally count the dog walks, but this one was steady enough to make the grade.
Activity Run Miles 10.1 Time 1:34 Avg HR 161
HOT. Could feel the heat from the asphalt on the bottoms of my feet. Struggled the final miles, but didn’t crack. Ran by feel, ended up slower than I thought. It’s game on now. Went to bed hungry, woke up hungry, drove to work hungry, ran hungry. Time to get lean and mean, no excuses.
Activity Run Miles 7 Time 1:06 Avg HR 133
Slow and easy. Tested new Camelbak pack.
Activity Hike Miles 12.8 Time 4:00 Avg HR
Last prep hike with the scouts before our 50 miler in July. Lots of climbing with fully loaded packs at Deer Creek Open Space. Had an interesting encounter with a small-ish (2 years old?) bear at dusk. It crossed the trail right in front of our group and I didn’t see it because I was bringing up the rear. While we were standing there talking, it popped back out onto the trail about 30′ away. I threw a couple of rocks near it and yelled, but it could not have cared less. Made me realize that the bear chooses what it wants to do, I’m not going to be able to intimidate one into running. I finally got it to move off the trail a bit before it started climbing a tree and then changed it’s mind. Luckily another rock got it moving downhill, followed by another that got the momentum going and it took off for good.


Activity Bike Miles 27.8 Time 1:29 Avg HR 135
Good ride. My legs were tired, but felt the best they have on the bike in quite a while. Put in a one hour effort and got 21.7 miles in that time with a 144 average heart rate.21.7 / 1:00 / 144avg
Activity Run Miles 10.3 Time 1:29 Avg HR 147
Included 8 mi tempo @ 8:09. Was thinking I’d be a little faster on the trails at the boneyard, but the legs are still a little bit heavy. Treated this as a tempo-lite and got in a solid hour+ at 150 HR.
Activity Run Miles 16.5 Time 3:30 Avg HR 148
Big run at Mount Falcon. Worked in the yard and around the house all morning, then took the kids to the pool in the afternoon and baked in the sun for a few hours. Pretty drained after all that, but headed over to Falcon and did 2 laps starting at the bottom lot up to the upper lot and back. Started at 5pm in the heat of the afternoon and did the whole run on 2 bottles and one pack of shot bloks. Wasn’t fast, but ran a pretty even split between the first lap and the second. Was really wrecked at the end, but told myself that was the whole point. Almost got smoked in a head-on with a goggle-wearing, boxer showing punk screaming through a blind s-curve on his bike while I was headed up the climb. Closest call I’ve had in a very long time, maybe ever. I think my two day old stubble left whisker burn on his cheek as he passed by. I was a rider long before I was a runner, so I totally get that side of things, but when he flew past me again on his second trip down and I realized he was getting shuttled to the top that really chapped my azz.
Activity Run Miles 4 Time :40 Avg HR 136
TM recovery. Threw in a mile @ 10% to get the blood pumping a little.
Total Time 15:49
Foot Miles 73.3 Foot Time 14:21
Bike Miles 27.8 Bike Time 1:28

Pic of the week:

Seen on Wednesday’s run. I’m determined not to need one at Leadville, unlike last year

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  1. The double at Falcon is a darn good workout. What Scott Jaime’s calls “version 1” is fun too, which is every trail in the park, which is about 14 miles. I actually saw some trails I hadn’t seen in 5 years of going there, including the summit. Didn’t even know there were a couple of overlooks/shelters on the actual summit.

    >Almost got smoked in a head-on with a goggle-wearing, boxer showing punk screaming through a blind s-curve on his bike while I was headed up the climb.

    I’ll bet that’s the same dude who almost ran me over at Falcon. Absolute, total disdain for me and my safety. A true sociopath.

    • Sounds very similar, although I can’t believe he was actually pushing uphill in your case. Normally, having to earn their own way to the top weeds out the worst offenders. I can see that’s not always the case now. Normally I get along great with the bikes, but there has to be some give-and-take on both sides.

  2. Well, I was going to hit up Deer Creek early tomorrow morning, but I think I’ll head to Falcon instead! Someone at the Pb training camp told me about a recent encounter with a bear Deer Creek. I love that spot you snapped a pic at Falcon. The views of Red Rocks makes you forget all about the little ups on that section. Nice week Chris!

  3. >Yah – bears or bikes, take your pick!

    lol. I can vouch for that. I had just commented on GZ’s blog about my mama bear + cub experience at Deer Creek Canyon. Passed right behind me and only my buddy biking behind me saw it.

    The creatures are out there, we know it, we take what precautions we can and beyond that we are in the realm of calculated risk… I’m sure there’s more danger of getting T-boned in my car on the way to the trailhead.

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