2011 Training Log – Week 23

Another good week. Super run on Tuesday, not sure where that came from, but I went with it.

Chilling in Utah for a few days before heading up to Wyoming to run 100 miles on Friday.

Activity Bike Miles 13 Time 1:00 Avg HR 133
Frustrating ride to pick up a vehicle that was getting serviced. Disc brake whacked and rubbing, broke a bottle cage, almost ran over a lady and her kid as they were bolting across the road, it was hot – almost had to call the whaa-mbulance.
Activity Run Miles 9 Time 1:11 Avg HR 161
Great run on the trails at the boneyard. Went from never having run a sub-10 minute lap to popping off 6 in a row in the 9:03-9:23 range.
Activity Run Miles 10.2 Time 1:31 Avg HR 144
Good hilly cruise.
Activity Run Miles 6.3 Time :56 Avg HR 134
Easy shakeout after driving all day to Utah.
Activity Run Miles 5 Time 1:11 Avg HR 136
Great trail run with my son in our VFFs. Hills, rocks, and 6 water crossings. We had a blast!.

Activity Run Miles 17 Time 3:19 Avg HR 142
Final bigger run before Bighorn. Felt pretty decent. By far the best I’ve ever felt one week out from a 100 miler. Not sure if that will mean anything on race day, but I’m usually gliding in on a steep angle shot full of holes with an engine or two on fire just hoping to reach the end of the runway. Today I felt as if I was still on an upward trajectory and gaining. Kept the effort moderate, and the big 3,500′ climb came fairly easily. I hope I didn’t do too much, though. The race starts on Friday so I’m only 6 days out now.The day’s objectiveThe trail was a wee bit rocky

Marker from the Squaw Peak 50

The final pitch

Well-earned view

Sporting my new backcountry.com trucker’s hat, love that thing

Summit pano

Watched two hot air balloons launch from down below

Went to the firework show that night. Had a fun time with hundreds of people spread out on the grass with blankets and chairs. 3 minutes after the show started, the automatic sprinklers came on. Good times.

Activity Run Miles 4 Time :40 Avg HR 124
Mellow jog around a park. Really tired, had a big day yesterday.
Total Time 9:49
Foot Miles 51.5 Foot Time 8:49
Bike Miles 13 Bike Time 1:00

Pic of the week:

Your back ever feel like this?

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  1. Good luck on the 100. I can’t believe the schedule you are running this summer, simply incredible.

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