2011 Training Log – Week 22

I need about a year’s worth of weeks like this one and I might start getting close to where I want to be. Just squeaked out another 80 with some high quality stuff in the middle, and easy running after that. I still have some issues with my heel/achilles area that are holding me back – but I’m very grateful to be running at all.

11 days to Bighorn 100. Man, that came up quick! Sounds like the area is still buried in snow so we’ll most likely be running an alternate course. I’m feeling decent for this one, and look forward to running the race. I want to run pretty easy, though. Hoping to get through with as little damage as possible so I can continue building up for Leadville. I haven’t done two 100 milers in the same year, so this is new territory for me.

Activity Run Miles 10.6 Time 1:34 Avg HR 147
Heel very grumpy – hard to run on first thing in the morn, going uphill – was hurting, and trying to hurry, bad combo. Almost turned around a few times. needed the xtra-strength mangasil to get thru this one.
Activity Hike Miles 5 Time 2:00 Avg HR
Nice Memorial Day hike with the family up in the Evergreen area.

Activity Run Miles 12 Time 1:37 Avg HR 163
Fantastic run. Felt good, even had a tiny bit of spring in my step – haven’t noticed that in quite a while. Rather than bury myself in an effort when feeling the slightest bit good, as I’m prone to do, I kept it in 3rd gear and just motored around the trails. ~8 min pace on this course with 1,400′ of climbing was pretty decent for me at this level of effort. Nice to run in some truly warm weather for a change.
Activity Run Miles 23.3 Time 5:11 Avg HR 132
Boulder 3 peaks. Showed up early and got in 7+ before the group arrived. added 16 more. Tagged all 3 summits.
Activity Run Miles 7 Time 1:07 Avg HR 126
ugh. in bed at 3:15, up at 5:30. knew it would be rough, just jogged and got it done.
Activity Run Miles 9 Time 1:26 Avg HR 144
Very tired and a bit sore, which is normal 2 days after a bigger effort. Put on the tunes and jogged the trails at the boneyard. There is a small park at the top of the loop I run. I picked up trash (corona bottles, arizona tea cans, pizza box, old budweiser cans, cardboard, plastic, etc., etc.) on every lap and then ran it up to the garbage can at the park.

At least it was a Green Box “One Planet – Our Responsibility”

Activity Run Miles 12.1 Time 1:42 Avg HR 145
Ran home from the dog park. Decent run, heel was iffy but everything else felt good.

Activity Run Miles 1 Time :10 Avg HR 115
Treadmill. Got a phone call and running time was over by the time I was done talking. No big loss, not really feeling it today anyway.
Total Time 14:48
Foot Miles 80.1 Foot Time 14:48
Bike Miles 0 Bike Time 0

Pic of the week:

One of the various creatures you can find on a Boulder street corner.

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  1. Hey, you got a haircut:)

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