2011 Training Log – Week 19

This week was all about letting the damage from Saturday’s race settle while still trying to maintain a small level of activity. The leg is feeling ragged, but has been improving. I was really happy with a small jog this morning on the treadmill. Real running is a long way off, but I felt like I am getting back to a level where I can at least have a little bit of mobility to work with.

Hoping for some steady progress this week. Focusing on what I can do, rather than what I can’t. I’ll plan on getting out on the bike quite a bit if the weather allows.

Pretty slim numbers, but far better than zero.

Activity Walk Miles 2.5 Time :40 Avg HR
Spent some time on an easy walk at lunch. My lower leg is super swollen, but the discoloration is gone. The walk was bearable as long as I avoided certain movements. Uphills were pretty bad, though. The swelling is acting like a cast, I’m sure it will feel worse once it goes down.
Activity Walk Miles 4 Time 1:00 Avg HR
Actually swung my arms a little on this one. Hilly route, couldn’t quite get under the 15min/mi mark I was shooting for. Leg was uncomfortable, but not extremely painful. Doing what I can…
Activity Walk Miles 2 Time :40 Avg HR
Dog walk.
Activity Miles Time Avg HR
OFFSpent 17 hours in a chair in front of a computer.
Activity Walk Miles 5.2 Time 1:12 Avg HR
Similar route as Tuesday, but a mile longer and 1min/mile faster pace (13:58). The leg is coming along.
Activity Walk Miles 2 Time :40 Avg HR
Did some exploring up on the hogsback with the dog. Found a potential bouldering spot that might be promising. Tried about 90 seconds of jogging. Didn’t feel very good.
Activity Miles Time Avg HR
OFFVery gimpy today.
Activity Bike Miles 9 Time :30 Avg HR
Spin on the bike trainer. Leg felt good once warmed up.
Activity Run/Walk Miles 2 Time :32 Avg HR
Treadmill. Hiked 3mph at 15% for a mile, then jogged a 12 minute mile with no incline. The leg responded well to the long bike warmup, and I was happy to jog a little without significant pain. I don’t care if all I can do is 12 minute miles for the next month, it felt incredibly good to just jog along like that. Here’s hoping for some continued progress.
Total Time – 5:20, Foot – 17.7 / 4:50, Bike – 9 / :30

Pic of the week:

The goodies arrived from the La Sportiva photo contest. Nice!

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