Happy Birthday to Brandon!

Wow, Brandon’s birthday again. My how time flies… It seems like just yesterday we were in high school and shooting pool until 4 in the morning. Those days are looong gone (for me, anyway).

Brandon is the Pittn’est Pit Bull of a rider I’ve ever ridden with. That dude will NOT give up or back down. I remember one ride to the scout camp up Payson Canyon. He and I were side by side the whole way, big chainring. From the sound of the breathing, I was feeling a bit better than he. Ohhh, breathing doesn’t mean squat when you’re going up against Brandon! The pace quickened in the inverse proportion to the distance we had left. Once the line was in sight, it was a full bore, all-out sprint. Side by side for what seemed like forever, he started to creep by me. First a millimeter, then two. How could that be!?! He sounds like he’s going to EXPLODE! Danged if he didn’t beat me to the finish, proving that willingness to suffer is key in getting the win. I thought I was suffering, until I heard Brandon say that he was literally seeing stars! How do you beat someone like that? Better bring your ‘A’ game…

Happy Birthday, man.

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