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2014 Year End Stats

Well, there you have it.  One of my lowest training years in quite a while.  It’s still a significant chunk of time and miles by many standards, but I felt like I was just barely scraping by most of the time.

2014 stats table

2014 stats

I spent a significant time behind the camera this year, photographing 19 races.  While my trigger finger got a great workout, and I did log over 75 miles packing the camera gear during the events, my fitness felt on the low side while my weight remained on the high side for most of the year.

I would be a lot more thrilled with 2,500 running miles IF there were about 1,500 bike miles to go along with them.  The bike miles are seriously lacking lately.

Ok, enough of that.  I did what I could with what I had, and I’m all set for a great 2015!  Really looking forward to embracing the training again and focusing on getting back to the kind of level I know I can reach.  I already have some 2015 race shoots booked, and my own racing calendar is starting to take shape.

Looks like I will be skipping the Leadville 100 this year after being part of it every year for 8 in a row (volunteer, DNF, then 6 consecutive finishes).  I’m torn about passing on it this year, but it falls a week later than normal, and the scheduling is problematic for me for a variety of reasons.  No absolute deal breakers, but enough so that it would seem like making it through the lottery would only result in my own little lottery of whether or not I was going to be able to make it to the race or not.  I don’t feel like training with that hanging over my head this year, I want to select some events that are free from any scheduling conflicts and then really do my best to train hard and prepare well for them.

Thanks everyone for your support, inspiration, and motivation – and Happy New Year!







Run Report: 2014 Woody’s Pancake Run

Woody and family generously hosted the 4th annual Pancake Run this month.  It is an event I look forward to every year.  A great ~20 mile run with friends, followed by loads of pancakes and some incredible maple bacon.  Yes!

After three years of mild conditions, luck ran out this year and we were smack in the middle of a Polar Vortex something or other.  It was cold at the start, and got colder as the run went on.  My hands turned to ice blocks after messing around with the camera at the halfway point, but some faster running finally returned some much needed circulation.  I think for the most part, everyone had a good time.  I know I sure did!



Our fearless leader.


Too cold to take any in focus pictures on the run.


Aid station!


Nick had some good icebeard action going.


Such a lovable bunch of nuts.


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Photo Shoot: 2014 HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon

The Grand Finale.  A spectacular November day awaited the 800 runners for this sold out race, just in time before the Polar Vortex set in and plunged Colorado into bitter cold temps.

A trail half marathon is a very challenging, but fun event to shoot.  It is long enough to allow me some time to move around the course (although I have to sprint at times), yet short enough that the runners are moving well which adds to the dramatic effect of the images.  I thoroughly enjoyed this race and seeing so many friends out crushing the course and having a great time.  I used my wide angle lens quite a bit, which meant I was only 2 feet off the trail in a lot of cases.  That made for some fun interaction with the runners as they went by.










The rest of the images can be viewed here.


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