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Birthday Blues

I’ve been feeling a little down as I brace myself for the impact of finishing another trip around the sun tomorrow. Not sure why this one is hitting a bit harder than most, but it has been a rough approach.


Then I see this picture my wife took of me earlier in the week and it takes me right back to that moment when time stood still. I was so caught up in what I was doing right then that I am positive the clock stopped for a spell.

Maybe that is why I love photography so much. At its essence it is truly the freezing of time.

And is there any better gift to an old man than completely stopping time in its tracks?


I may not have a giant bank account, but I am rich. I have many blessings to be thankful for. Great family and friends are right at the top of that list.

Let’s get this party started!

BTW, this was my view:


Photo Shoot: 2014 HRCA Backcountry Burner Cross Country Race

This was the grand finale of the Highlands Ranch Race Series mountain bike events. A slightly longer cross country point-to-point course vs. the smaller weeknight circuit courses. The stakes were high for many of the leaders as the series points were very tight in several of the categories.

I shot the start of each category then sprinted across the park to my car to drive to the next location a few miles away and get in position before the racers arrived. During the sprint my brand-new Leadville 100 finisher jacket worked its way free from the bungee straps on my pack and fell silently to the grass without my knowledge. Thankfully, a passer-by shouted at me and I finally heard him and realized why some stranger was yelling at me when I was a man on a mission. Thanks, stranger!!








Full gallery here.

Photo Shoot: 2014 HRCA Highlands Point Circuit Race

Round two of the HRCA mountain bike race series was a great one. Photographically, it was a blast to shoot. Things were bumpy at first as we had two lightning delays (hazard of an evening race during a Colorado summer), then yet another delay for a 911 call somewhere out on the trail system that was unrelated to the race but blocked the course for some time as fire and paramedics responded. All told, the race was pushed back by an hour.

It was worth the wait, as the dramatic skies added a great dimension to the images.








Full gallery here.


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